Product Review – Lumabone Wishbone & Dental Chew

Product Review – Lumabones
by Kasi

Knowing how much my dogs enjoy Benebones, I was very excited when the company offered to send me some samples from their sister company – Lumabone – before they’ve even hit the market!!! They come in the same shapes as the original Benebones – both wishbone and dental chew – and come in a single flavor: bacon.

Wishbone (left)
Dental Chew (right)

They are entirely USA sourced, and made up of only the nylon of the toy which is then flavored with real bacon.  Their durability rivals that of Nylabone, but as far as engagement, all three of my dogs were interested (whereas it can be hit or miss with other nylon based toys).  Benebones (the company I originally contacted) have long been their favorite, but they were even more excited about these. They even liked them enough to swipe it from each other, and not just to be brats! It’s rare that all three are that interested in the same toy, and it held their attention for an extended period of time every time they picked it up.

Even with having been chewed for quite a while by my power-boy (Charlie) they continue to hold up well.  If you have a power chewer and want to give something new a try, I thoroughly recommend picking one of these up as soon as they hit the shelves; I know I certainly will be.

As with all toys, remember, dogs should be supervised when playing with them to prevent any possible issues; they are designed to be chewed on, not eaten, and come with the same risks as any toy item.

Overall rating: 4.75/5

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for sharing the product with my guests and a blog post. No other form of compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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