BullyMake Box – Product Review: HeartThrob and XOXO

BullyMake Box Toy Review – Heartthrob toy and XOXO toy

by Kasi

As part of the February BullyMake Box, both the Heartthrob and XOXO toys were included; one I used as part of a give-away, the other I kept to review with my own dogs. Both toys are made in the USA, and can be reordered from the BullyMake Shop.

The XOXO is a heart shaped nylon chew, scented to smell like some sort of candy, and with raised X’s and O’s to make for an engaging texture while chewing. While they were excited at first, my group does what they typically do with nylon chews – they play with it for a little while, then they get bored and meander off. That said, it held up very nicely against aggressive chewing, and if your dog is a nylon-lover, I venture to say they would have a blast with it. High quality, and a generally solid nylon chew, just not a lot of engagement from my pups.

“Hmm, what’s this?”

. . .

Not bad for a day’s work!

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Heartthrob is a firm rubber shaped heart with ridges for gripping and enrichment, as well as an area that you can fill with goodies or peanut butter should you choose to. This was one of the items won in the give-away, and it ended up going to a home that has nine Laboradors, a Chihuahua, and a Great Dane – needless to say, it got tested VERY thoroughly! When I checked back with the winners, our conversation went like this:

Me: So, did the dogs like it?
P: They love it.
PT: Stella loves it so much that she stole it, hid it, and plays with it when the other dogs aren’t looking.
Me: And it’s holding up?
PT: Not a scratch on it. So far, so good.
Me: If you saw it in the store, would you purchase it?
P: Absolutely.
Me: So, BullyMake Box something you’d look into getting for your dogs?
PT: -nods- Definitely.

Winner Rating: 5 out of 5.

Disclosure: I received one box in exchange for sharing the product with my guests and writing a product review.  No other form of compensation was received for this company review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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